The Women Of Scooby-Doo Are Getting Their Own Movie

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The origins of the Scooby-Doo gang have been murky at best. Where did Shaggy find a talking Great Dane? Why is straight-laced Fred driving a psychedelic van instead of a Volvo?
Fortunately, one question about the early days of Mystery Inc. is about to be answered: How did Daphne and Velma first become friends?
According to Deadline, the women of the Scooby gang are getting their own movie about the early days of their friendship. The live-action film, Daphne and Velma, will take place at Ridge Valley High, where online BFFs Daphne (Sarah Jeffrey) and Velma (Sarah Gilman) are thrown together IRL.
Naturally, they have some crime-solving to do in between their studying.
The pair's first mystery is a rather disturbing one: After a tech company announces a competition amongst Ridge Valley High students for a coveted internship, the school's top students start disappearing. Fortunately, anyone who's ever watched Saturday morning cartoons knows that Daphne and Velma always crack their case.
This film already sounds like a breath of fresh air, especially within the teen landscape. So many movies about female friendship in high school end up focusing on the fractures within such relationships. (As much as I love Mean Girls, the Plastics weren't exactly supportive of one another's hopes and dreams.) Daphne and Velma, however, appears to be following in the footsteps of Riverdale, which took the classic Archie Comics rivalry between Betty and Veronica and turned it into a ride-or-die friendship instead.
According to Deadline, the new movie hails from Ashley Tisdale and sister Jennifer Tisdale's company, Blondie Girl Productions, which focuses on telling stories from a female perspective.
Sorry, Fred and Shaggy: You guys can wait in the van.

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