This Netflix Movie Is Mean Girls If Regina George Was An Insufferable YouTuber

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High school is hard enough, but when the meanest, most popular girl at your school is also a famous YouTuber? Well, that comes with its own set of challenges — or at least it does for the main character in this new, Mean Girls-esque Netflix movie, #RealityHigh.
The trailer for the Netflix original film dropped on Tuesday, and it's a reminder that the cool girl has more than just loyal minions in real life — she might have millions of fans online, too.
Here, that girl is Alexa Medina (Alicia Sanz), who is the bane of protagonist Dani Barnes' (Nesta Cooper) entire high school existence. Alexa is a social media influencer with nine million followers online, while Dani, according to her sister, has only two friends: her BFF Freddie (Jake Borelli), and her grandmother...who happens to be dead.
When her sister's harsh words convince Dani to give herself an Insta-worthy makeover, Alexa's crew — and her boyfriend — start seeing her in a different light. Unfortunately, Dani quickly loses herself to their world of parties and perfect selfies, leaving her friend Freddie in the dust.
Clearly, Dani hasn't learned a thing from Lindsay Lohan's Cady Heron. She even starts a romance with Alexa's ex-boyfriend (played by Famous In Love star Keith Powers), leading the YouTuber to go full-on scorched earth.
Dani better watch her back, because if there's anything we've learned from countless of vlogs and shady diss tracks, there's nothing like a YouTuber scorned.
Check out the trailer below.
#RealityHigh is the teen movie for the Instagram generation. Hopefully, Dani will realize how important it is to return to your authentic matter how many likes her Insta-appearance gets her.

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