Did You Recognize These Game Of Thrones & Downton Abbey Connections In Godless?

Most of the time, while watching Godless, I was cringing at the elongated scenes of gun violence. The rest of the time, I was focusing on the nagging itch somewhere somewhere in my pop culture memory. I knew I recognized Whitey Winn, the sheriff's overeager deputy, from one of his past roles. Yet his dust-covered, gun-slinging appearance was too far off from his past work for me to fit two and two together.
Eventually, I did the adult thing: Admitted defeat and went on IMDb. I fell into a bout of self-loathing when I found the answer, which was far too obvious. Of course Whitey Winn was played by the one and only Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who also played the lovesick elementary schooler from Love Actually — and had a few other notable roles.
Godless has a sprawling and impressive cast. While some of the show's stars, like Samuel Marty (Truckee) are total newcomers, many have been acting for decades. Get ready to find out just why Frank Griffin's face is so, so familiar.
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