Daisy Ridley Doesn't Want To Hang Out With John Boyega's Adorable Cat

Daisy Ridley may be gearing up to take down the First Order as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but there's one battle that the actress cannot seem to win in real life.
According to the Murder On the Orient Express actress' new interview with Elle, Ridley's life has been upended by cat allergies. Or, rather, her cat allergies have stopped her from getting close to a furry family member of one of her Star Wars co-stars.
In a video interview, Ridley was tasked with building her own LEGO Millennium Falcon while answering important questions. One particularly important question? Whether she was buds with co-star John Boyega's cat, Logan.
Sadly, the real-life Rey and Logan can never truly be pals.
"I have not met John Boyega's cat because I am allergic to cats," Ridley told Elle, while assembling the Falcon. "It's a shame, but I am. I have seen pictures of him, and he is very cute. He's very cute! I wish I could have one."
Logan (full name: Oluwalogan) is very cute. Here's the evidence.

Cheers to the frigging weekend! Haven't had as much time to be around my guy Oluwalogan. #Heismadatme

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Best pals @theeyoung_king

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Ridley may have skyrocketed to fame following her casting in The Force Awakens, but Logan is a star in his own right. While he may not have won a Rising Star BAFTA, like Logan's human friend Boyega did, the kitty did send happy "meows" Boyega's way in a Snapchat video.
Logan is also all over Boyega's Instagram, and often all over Boyega himself:

Pet people know this scenario all too well! ?? #catperson

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So while Ridley may have never met Logan in real life, the cat clearly supports her work. He was previously spotted on Boyega's Snapchat watching The Force Awakens.
Perhaps one day science will advance enough for Ridley to spend time getting to know her co-star's furry BFF. Until that day comes, we'll have to settle for the friendship between Rey and Boyega's Finn to sustain us.
Check out Ridley's Elle interview in full below:

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