This Theory That Veronica Is The Black Hood On Riverdale Has Us Shook

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW.
With the mysterious and murderous Black Hood looming over season two of the CW hit show Riverdale, fans are sharing countless theories about who it might be. The latest is perhaps the most shocking. Is Veronica behind the masked murders?
TV Guide writer Kase Wickman posed the theory earlier this week. While the latest episode had us believe that the unequivocally problematic Nick St. Clair was run off the road by Veronica's father Hiram Lodge, Wickman believes it was Veronica herself, or she was at least in on it. She does seem to have her hands in everything these days. She's connected to the school newspaper the Blue & Gold, she's a member of the Pussycats, and she is a River Vixen. She has repeatedly told her father that she wants to be more a part of the family business. Being this well-connected can certainly help when pulling off a dubious scheme this complex.
In the last episode, Jughead aptly said that "everyone wears a mask," but I'm not so sure this is Veronica's. Sure, Veronica has a complicated past and has been known to throw down when necessary, but does that make her the Riverdale equivalent to the Zodiac Killer? We know that the Black Hood claimed to be at the town meeting, but Veronica wasn't there. She had her hands full trying to keep the peace between the Serpents and Archie's vigilante justice group, the Red Circle. Also, if Veronica is the Black Hood, then why would she split up Betty and Jughead? Surely, they are both good friends of hers and she wouldn't want any harm to come to either of them. Her motives up until now stem from her loyalty to her friends.
We also can't ignore that the masked person who shot Fred Andrews was a man with green eyes. The physical description of the Black Hood supports the fan theory that either Sheriff Keller or Betty's father is the killer. There's a chance that it could be Betty's long-lost brother. We know he's coming, but they never said he would be a good guy. Plus, why would Veronica want Fred Andrews, the father of her boyfriend, dead? When you put all of this together, it makes Veronica seem a lot less likely to be the menacing Black Hood.
Unless she is overseeing it all godfather-style and leaving the dirty work to her minions. In which case, Veronica is the mastermind we should all be worrying about.
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