Thanks To This Photo, We Know How The Crown Ends

Photo: Matt Holyoak/CameraPress/PA Wire/Getty Images.
While we're ready to brew up some strong tea to sip while watching season 2 of The Crown next month, there's someone out there who wants to ruin the ending for us. It's someone with intimate knowledge of how Claire Foy's character will triumph over her personal and political challenges in the end. Queen Elizabeth II (or her staff at least) has released a sweet portrait of herself and Prince Philip in honor of their 70th wedding anniversary on November 20.
"The portraits, by British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, were taken in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in early November," Buckingham Palace stated on the royal family's official Instagram. "In this first release, The Queen and His Royal Highness are framed by Thomas Gainsborough's 1781 portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte, who were married for 57 years."
The peaceful, elderly couple couldn't feel more different from the Elizabeth and Philip we'll be watching when The Crown returns to Netflix on December 8. According to interviews and the trailer for season 2, the show will focus in part on the Philip's (Matt Smith) rumored extramarital affairs when it picks up in 1956.
Though the queen and her consort have remained married for so long, unconfirmed rumors of his past dalliances still persist.
"He's never been one for chasing actresses. His interest is quite different. The women he goes for are always younger than him, usually beautiful and highly aristocratic," biographer Sarah Bradford told The Telegraph back in 2004.
It's a testament to the skills of series creator Peter Morgan, his cast and crew that we're still caught up in the drama of their relationship, regardless of our knowledge of the real-life protagonists. One look at Smith and Foy's anguished faces and we're suddenly unsure of whether they'll make it after all.
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