More Than Anything Else, Kim Kardashian Just Wants To Go Grocery Shopping

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Last month, Kim Kardashian celebrated her 37th birthday with an intimate gathering over Armenian food and cake from Hansen’s bakery. However, while visiting Ellen Degeneres today, Kardashians revealed that she had actually been hoping to get something else for her birthday and was let down. Her wish was to have someone rent out a grocery store so she could go shopping.
During her recent appearance on Ellen, the hilarious host asked Kim if she had ever been somewhere where no one recognized her, and of course, she had a hard time coming up with an answer. Ellen bringing up this fact reminded her how much she misses doing every day activities, like going to the grocery store. Kim explained, "What I really asked for for my birthday, you guys — this sounds so crazy, and this might be really bratty and unrelatable, so I'm sorry — but I asked for, I said, 'can someone just rent out Ralphs for me for one hour.'
Yes, Kim Kardashian's birthday wish is completely unrelatable, but at least she acknowledged that. Also, we'd probably be shocked and disappointed if one of the most famous people in the world had a relatable birthday request. Despite its absurdity, Kardashian went on to give Ellen and their audience more details about the grocery store fantasy. She said, "I just want to go to Ralphs, with my kid in the cart, and go through every aisle."
For those of us who have to grocery shop on a weekly basis, the idea of walking up and down every single aisle seems more like a nightmare than a fantasy. We just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. However, for Kim, who said, "I haven't been to a grocery store in years," this food shopping scenario is a dream.
For the record, we know for a fact that Kim Kardashian went grocery shopping in a 2015 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's. That time, she pushed her nephew Mason around in the grocery cart. If that was the last time she shopped for her own groceries, it's been over two years since she lived out the so-called fantasy. Lucky for her, she's friends with Ellen, who upon hearing Kim's birthday request immediately began hatching a plan to take a disguised Kim grocery shopping. Now, that might be a birthday gift that's even more enjoyable than eating Hansen's cake, even if it is a bit belated.
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