Here’s What REALLY Happened With The Kardashians’ Fave Bakery

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Yesterday, Kim Kardashian tweeted a message that sent our imaginations running wild. After years of loyally giving their business to the L.A.-based bakery Hansen’s Cakes, Kim tweeted that her family was looking for a new bakery.
Well, we — along with all of Twitter — wanted to know what in the world Hansen’s had done to deserve being ousted as the famous family’s go-to cake shop. After coming up with a few wild theories of our own, we decided to reach out to Hansen’s to get to the bottom of the cake controversy.
We spoke with Hansen’s PR rep, Suzi Finer, to see if she had any comment on Kim’s tweet. Here's what she had to say: “From what we understand, it’s not a cake bakery they’re looking for; we believe she’s looking for specialty cupcakes. We have no problem with the family. We love the family and we believe they have no problem with us.”
So, maybe the tweet wasn’t based on any big blowup or falling-out between the bake shop and the reality-TV royal family after all. Or maybe it's all a big cover-up. Either way, all press is good press. We're pretty sure the Kardashians would agree with that.

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