Jennifer Lawrence Lost This Iconic Role To Emma Stone & They're Still Not Over It

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Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are a pretty superb example of not letting their competitive careers get in the way of a friendship. Despite the fact that they have, in the past, tried out for the same roles, they still seem to be very supportive of one another. They’re also not afraid to joke around about their unique situation. Both Lawrence and Stone were part of The Hollywood Reporter’s most recent Actress Roundtable, along with Mary J. Blige, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney, and Saoirse Ronan. During the discussion, the subject of Stone's 2010 film Easy A came up, which prompted a funny faux-awkward exchange between her and Lawrence.
Sprinkled in with some serious questions about sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry, the roundtable moderator Matthew Belloni asked some more light-hearted ones. One such question was, "Is there a line from one of your films, one of your characters, that sticks with you?" While there were some serious answers like Blige's "Love is a kind of survival" from Mudbound, Emma Stone took a different route. Her answer was "'Piss off, Quiznos.' That's from Easy A. I shove a Quiznos guy and say, 'Piss off, Quiznos.'" After some laughs, Janney praised the teen comedy, and that prompted Lawrence to speak up about her experience with the film.
Lawrence said, "I auditioned for Easy A. I wanted it so bad," to which Stone responded, laughing, "Well, guess what? You didn't get it. You didn't get it because you suck!" Pretending to be mad, Lawrence then exclaims, "Outside!"
Lest you take this exchange was a poor attempt to conceal real resentment between the two actresses, in other parts of THR's roundtable, the two showed evidence that they're both extremely supportive of one another, despite having to compete for roles. At one point, Stone opened up about her insecurities, and it was clear that she had confided in Lawrence about them before. Lawrence even said of Stone, "She is so hard on herself."
Surely also both actresses know that competition and rejection are just part of the job. This isn't the only big role we know Lawrence tried out for and didn't get. In September, Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz revealed the JLaw tried out for the part of Serena van der Woodsen, and was "bummed not to get it." Still, having the support of a friend like Stone, who understands that "bummed" feeling must make things a bit better.

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