The Drop: Exclusive Music Video Premiere For Dominique Young Unique's "Karate"

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Miami-based singer Dominique Young (@DominiqueYoungUnique) has already checked off a bucket list item the rest of us can only dream about: She was hand-picked by Kanye West. Specifically, West chose Young to walk in Katie Eary’s 2011 London Fashion Show. Since then, things have only gotten better for the artist, who went on to perform on DJ Fresh's hit "Earthquake" along with Diplo, before making music of her own. She dropped "Throw It Down," "What It Worth," and, as of earlier this month, "Karate," the music video for which is premiering exclusively right here on Refinery29.
The past three years have been a journey, but Young is just getting started. Ahead, we chat with the 26-year-old singer about her latest single, and how she created such a playful music video.
Your last single came out in 2015, how would you say "Karate" is different?
"Yes, 'Karate,' which is my new single, is very different from 'Throw It Down.' Karate gives a very pop and urban sound and more of a fun romance. 'Throw It Down' gives a fun dance club vibe."
What is the main message you want people to take from "Karate"?
"'Karate' is definitely all about fun. It's for kids and grown people. For kids, they live in a world where they live from a place of love, not fear. They play make-believe and can be anything they want to be. They move to the beat of their own drum and live in their own little zone. It's important we protect that.
For adults, it's about living life like a kid and letting loose. Of course it's a love thing going on, but have fun with your partner! Things don't always have to be so serious, and you don't need to go to the club to have fun. Stay your ass at home and play Uno with your partner like me."
What made you decide to use the theme of secret superheros in the music video?
"I wanted to be very different. I'm playing two characters in the video, the girlfriend and also the super hero. I love Wonder Woman and Catwoman. I believe I'm the next Catwoman. At night and during the day. We live in a time where women are embracing being powerful with no limitations and that's what I wanted to portray in this video."
Who is the other woman in the video?
"The other women in the video is Mandy Jiroux. She is a great dancer and singer. 'Girl Power.' That's what it's all about."
What's next for you?
"Planning a world tour, releasing more music, and whatever God leads me to. I'm very excited to see what happens next."
This interview has been edited for clarity and condensed.
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