This Sex Toy Company Admitted To Recording Customers, But Said It Was A "Bug"

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
Update: A Lovense rep tells us: "As soon as the issue was reported to us, we assigned all our available resources to fix the bug — it has been fixed and the new version of the app was available for download within five hours." They added that the issue was treated as a major one even though a rep initially described it as a bug on Reddit.
This story was originally published on November 10.
A Reddit user claimed that Hong Kong-based sex toy company Lovense Remote, a remote-control vibrator app, recorded their sex sounds without their knowledge and stored them in the app's local folder, according to The Verge.
The user, who says the app recorded a six-minute audio file, says they allowed the app to access their phone's mic and camera, but not for recording while in use. A few other users on the thread confirmed that they had experienced the same scenario.
Earlier today, a Reddit user who said they represent Lovense responded, saying the recording was a "minor bug" only affecting Android users. A rep from Lovense later confirmed to Refinery29 that the statement was made by a Lovense rep and is accurate.
"Regarding the sound file in question, it has already been confirmed that this is a minor bug — a temporary file that is created when someone uses the Sound Control feature," @lovense2 said. "Your concern is completely understandable. But rest assured, no information or data is sent to our servers. This cache file currently remains on your phone instead of deleting itself once your session is finished. Also, when the file is created it overwrites itself (no new files are created)."
The rep told us that the company's programmers are working on an update that will make the file delete automatically after you stop using the sound function.
The Verge reported that Lovense had another security issue earlier this year. A butt plug it manufactures was found to be hackable.
In a similar but unrelated case last year, a woman sued the manufacturer of We-Vibe for collecting and transmitting her information, such as her email address and the vibration settings she used for its app-enabled vibrator. The company settled for $3.75 million.

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