This Is How Women Comedians Are Reacting To The Times Piece On Louis C.K.

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Today, the New York Times reported the tales of five women who alleged that comedian Louis C.K. had sexually harassed them. Julia Wolov, Dana Min Goodman, Rebecca Corry, Abby Schachner, and an anonymous fifth woman spoke on record about their experiences with C.K. Each woman recalled a specific instance in which C.K. (née Louis Szekely) exposed himself and asked if he could masturbate or simply started masturbating. Schachner says she was on the phone with C.K. when he began pleasuring himself.
All of these women come from the comedy community. Julia Wolov and Dana Min Goodman are a comedy duo in Los Angeles that remains fearful, according to the Times, of Dave Becky, Louis C.K.'s manager.
The comedy community isn't really known for being quiet, though. When things happen, comedians are practically required to comment on it. So, in the wake of these allegations, women in comedy — standup, improvisors, and comedy writers alike — have started talking. Ahead, the reactions from women in the comedy community.
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