Penélope Cruz Opens Up About Her & Salma Hayek's Near-Death Experience

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This story makes us wants to grab our security blankets. If you want cozy up in yours before digging in, feel free, because it's a doozy.
Penélope Cruz chatted with People about her new movie Murder on the Orient Express, and regaled everyone with a tale about a near-death experience she had with her pal, Salma Hayek. And like any terrifying death story, it starts with a plane.
"I had an emergency landing on Halloween day, with my friend Salma. And because it was Halloween, we were dressed as clown," she says. "I've never liked clowns, even as a kid, but after this experience [I like them] even less." Us too, Cruz, us too — especially after that scary movie with the clown and the red balloon and the nightmares and a whole lot of NOPE.
The air in the plane cabin was depressurized, she explains. Planes keep the air inside at a higher pressure so that we can feel more comfortable, because as the plane ascends, the air pressure outside drops. When depressurization occurs, the oxygen masks drop down from the ceilings, which you may be familiar with if you've ever sat through a pre-flight safety announcement. Once again: NOPE.
But that's not all. Cruz tells another story about diving in Belize, in its famed Great Blue Hole, a massive sinkhole in the water that is about 400 feet deep. "I love diving but I will never go that deep, even if I had two instructors. I was surrounded by sharks," she says. MANY, MANY NOPES. She also has diving narcosis, which she described as similar to panic, and given the shark situation, we can understand why she'd be freaking out. "When I looked up and saw all of that water, I started to pray that I could make it." And she did, because she's here now, and can regale us with tales sure to give us nightmares.
You can watch the video below:
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