No One Releases Sia's Nudes But Sia

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them comes the barrage of gift guides that tell you which deals you can snag on Amazon, how to impress the Game of Thrones fans in your life, and which lipsticks are perfect for putting in your own stocking.
All of these things are fantastic, but what I want for Christmas is a lot less shiny. This year, I want every woman to give a whole-hearted "screw you" to their haters. Not sure how? Allow Sia to expertly demonstrate for you.
On Monday, the Australian singer completely owned someone who was trying to sell a nude photo of her online by sharing the pic directly with her fans.
"Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free," she tweeted, alongside a screenshot of her bare bum. "Everyday is Christmas!"
Everything about this is perfect: her bravery, her ability to shut this creep down, her casual ponytail, her shameless plug for her upcoming album.
Fans quickly responded with praise, writing things like, "I'm stanning Sia since today," "QUEEN," and "iconic."
Personally, I love that last one. Move over, Dicks Out For Harambe movement.
Of course, many couldn't resist making a joke that Sia, who is notorious for not showing her face (but who definitely has), was OK with showing off her backside. Unfortunately, some people took this as an opportunity to objectify Sia's body or make racist comments. Like the photo seller, those people are disgraceful.
But what's really important here is that Sia didn't let someone else bring her down. If 2017 has taught us one thing, it's that women will no longer be silenced. We'll call out harassment, abuse, and other violations. To hell with the Weinsteins and Tobacks; this is our time.

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