Ryan Reynolds Escalates Trolling War With Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds is a dead man walking.
The actor, whose illustrious career is not nearly as impressive as his ability to convince Blake Lively to marry him, has foolishly reignited a war I'm convinced he will never be able to win.
According to Entertainment Tonight, the Deadpool star roasted Lively's extreme transformation for her new upcoming film The Rhythm Section by posting a picture of her with the caption, "#nofilter."


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Though more than 473.8k people apparently thought the post was hilarious, I had some other thoughts. First of all, I'm pretty certain the above look was inspired by my 2011 winter wardrobe. Secondly, if Reynolds thinks he's going to get away with sharing this photo unscathed, he's got another thing coming.
As Lively's proven so many times in the past, she is the QUEEN of crafting embarrassing and demoralizing social media posts about her significant other. Who can forget the time she celebrated her hubby's birthday by sharing a hot picture of Ryan Gosling? Ooh, or how about the time she threw him under the bus for fabricating stories about their daughters for laughs? There's also my personal favorite: The time Lively epically burned Reynolds while celebrating a major milestone for John Legend.
Listen, you don't get to be the baddest chick at Constance Billard School for Girls without knowing a thing or two about being petty.
I know that Reynolds, too, has had his fair share of jabs. Once, he cropped Lively out of a photo while wishing her a happy birthday. But all of the doe-eyed red carpet appearances and Deadpool one-liners in the world couldn't be enough to help him win this war.
It's only a matter of time until Lively comes back swinging, and when she does, he'd better hope that he doesn't find all of his stuff soaked on the front lawn.

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