Victoria Beckham Was Almost On Modern Family

Back in August when Victoria Beckham posted an adorable photo of her whole clan in the living room set of Modern Family, we assumed that one of two things must have been happening: The fashion designer was returning to her Spice World acting roots and making a cameo on the show, or our assumption that all famous people somehow know each other is actually true.
Even though at the time Jesse Tyler Ferguson wrote on his own Instagram that they were just visiting, not shooting, Ellen DeGeneres ventured to ask him what was really going on. The explanation: SoulCycle. We should have guessed.

Dunphy's are out,the Beckham's moved in.The new modern family! #DavidDumphy #mitchstolemypose @jessetyler ? @davidbeckham X VB

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"I ran into Victoria Beckham and her lovely husband David outside of a SoulCycle class, which is a thing we do in L.A.," Ferguson said in a segment of Ellen posted to Youtube Monday. "And they were like, ‘We love the show. Can we take a photo of you and David for our kids?’ And I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll take a photo with David Beckham.’ "
Stop for a minute. Are we to understand that sometime when they're not modeling and designing and photographing and launching singing/soccer careers and going to school, the Beckhams all watch sitcoms together? This is a mind-blowing concept.
Ferguson gave Victoria his number and told her they should stop by the set sometime, expecting nothing to come of it. But she is nothing if not a determined lady, and he got out of his class to find nine texts from her. "She’s like, ‘When are we going? Why aren’t you answering? Pick up your phone, I want to come by the set.' "
That's how Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper, and a friend wound up on the set, stirring up quite a bit of excitement from the cast and crew.
"They were so lovely," Ferguson said. "They’resuch a nice, such lovely people. Their kids are incredibly well behaved. And they’re very attractive."
Alas, Ferguson once more denied that any of them would beappearing on the show.
DeGeneres summed up the real takeaway of this story, though:"Well, I just want to say, it pays to go to SoulCycle."
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