The Fyre Festival Disaster Is Getting The Biopic Treatment

Photo: Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
It seems as though the Fyre Festival faded away like a candle in the wind, but the cursed luxury festival only took place this past spring in 2017 (imploded, to be honest). And now, we're getting a huge gift from Billboard, in the form of a documentary about Fyre Festival. Cue up the thumping pulse of our hearts.
There's nothing funny at all about the fear that the partygoers must have felt when they descended on a remote island with no power or food, and housing in the form of disaster relief tents. What went so critically wrong in the organization of Fyre Festival? Journalists at Bloomberg nailed down the murky legal and financial dealings of Billy McFarland, 25, the festival's organizer. McFarland has since been indicted on wire fraud charges. He has plead not guilty. Ja Rule, McFarland's business partner, has not been arrested, but is still subject to numerous lawsuits as a result of his involvement with Fyre Festival.
The legal facts of the Fyre Festival wreckage are cut and dry — which why we're excited to see them presented in documentary form. Vice reports that Billboard is partnering with Cinemart and Mic to tell the story of the music festival-turned dumpster fire. It promises to sift through "thousands" of planning emails and "material from attendees on the ground at the event site" — meaning we're getting lots of cell phone videos from the doomed partygoers.
We still have so many questions. Will we see footage of the festival that legal filings called "closer to The Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies than Coachella"? Will they score an interview with Kendall Jenner, who helped promote the festival on her Instagram? And how exactly did the island import sliced cheese and bread for the advertised "luxury cuisine"? It's not like they actually catered food to the festival, and the remote island doesn't exactly have a bodega on the corner. It's one of the more enduring questions of the smoldering Fyre Festival mystery.

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