Taylor Swift's New Single Is Way Casual

Head's up, buttercups! Taylor Swift is releasing yet another song at midnight eastern tonight. The song, as per her Twitter and Instagram, is called "Call It Want You Want." The title is a little meta — Swift might as well be saying, "Call my song what you want, jerkwads!" — which aligns with the "new Taylor" aesthetic. The new Taylor doesn't care what you say about her! The new Taylor drinks whiskey and wears metallic bodysuits.
The song is actually a love song, based on what Swift shared on Twitter. She shared what looks like a telegram or typewritten note containing lyrics from the upcoming song.
The note reads:
"Holding my breath/Slowly I said/'You don't need to save me.../Call It What You Want/But would you run away with me?'/... 'Yes'"
According to Reddit, Swift will perform the song on Good Morning America next Thursday, November 9. GMA also announced that she would premiere a brand-new single on the show as well. This will be just days before Swift performs on Saturday Night Live alongside host Tiffany Haddish. Reddit also notes that this song bears a similarity to the song "Call It What You Want" by Foster the People.
So, where does this song fall in the Taylor track theory? Fans of Swift have theorized that the tracks on Reputation match the lineup of Taylors in the final shot of the Look What You Made Me Do music video. This means that "Gorgeous," which was released two weeks ago, aligns with Taylor no. 8, who wore Swift's Oscar de la Renta Met Gala dress from 2014. This makes sense because "Gorgeous" is apparently about Joe Alwyn, whom Swift met at the 2014 Met Gala.
So, where does "Call It What You Want" fit in? Reddit users seem to think it will be track 9 on the album, which would mean the song aligns with Reputation Taylor, who is right next to "Gorgeous" Taylor. She wears the fishnet stockings and the green bodysuit from the "Look What You Made Me Do" video.
For all we know, the song is track number four, which is "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together Taylor." We find out at midnight!
For your edification, see the full lineup of Taylors, below.
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