The New Taylor Gets Drunk, Apparently

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Big news: Taylor Swift gets drunk! She might even like whiskey. In her new song "Gorgeous," Swift sings, "You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talked."
Hang on — this is still Taylor Swift, right? The same Taylor Swing who sung an entire song about being 22 and didn't mention alcohol?
Ah, but we forget. The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, i.e. "22" Taylor is dead. The new Taylor gets drunk. Apparently, she gets drunk on "whiskey on ice" as well, a drink that doesn't really align with Swift's pre-Reputation image.
In the five albums she's released, Swift has nary a mention of alcohol, a wise move considering the age of most of her fans. (See: Shakeitoff6202 on Tumblr, one of Swifts's most avid fans. He's 15.) In the beginning of her career, this made sense: Swift was barely over 20. When Red came out in 2012, though, it was a little weird. Swift was 100% pop in the new album, and she was 22 years old. I'll reiterate: "22," a song about letting go and "forgetting about the deadlines," doesn't mention alcohol. Not even once! From personal experience, the easiest way to forget about a deadline is to imbibe.
At this point, the lack of alcohol was doubly weird because drnking whiskey is a big theme for country music. Country has an appreciation for beer, spirits, and strawberry wine. Swift started as a tried-and-true country musician, and yet — no mention of it.
We have no way of knowing the ever-elusive Swift's habits, but she has been known to drink in the past. People reported in 2015 that Swift and her then-boyfriend Calvin Harris had a glass of wine each during a date at NYC's Lasso. She's also been photographed with wine. It seems she was never inclined to join the ranks of Instagrammers like Chrissy Teigen who openly declare their love for wine. Until now.
Fans are divided on this version of Taylor. Some are delighted. A whiskey-drinking pop star is a more relatable pop star. (Swift also sings about "stumbling home to her cats," another drunk reference that finally brings up her famous cats.)
Others are finding it inconceivable that Swift would drink whiskey on ice at all.
Whether or not she drinks whiskey is immaterial, really. She sings about it! That's all we need. This is the new Taylor: She drinks, she jokes about her cats, and, according to the little birdies who attending her secret listening sessions, she will swear as well. (Rumors have been circulating that Swift says "shit" and "fuck" in Reputation.)
New Taylor is kinda fun!
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