These Golden Lip Balms Are Bound To Trigger Major Nostalgia

Photo: Courtesy of Lip Smacker.
Lip Smackers has created a limited edition, Disney-themed release that doubles up on nostalgia. The '90s cult classic company have put out a collectible Tsum Tsum Mickey Collection featuring none other than Mickey and Minnie themselves.
Before there were Kylie lip kits, as a kid the only lip product we HAD to have was a Dr. Pepper or watermelon flavored Lip Smackers. Now the popular brand is back with these adorable Disney-themed products and we're having the best kinds of flashbacks.
The new Tsum Tsum Mickey Collection comes with two, stackable lip balms: a golden Mickey and a rose-gold Minnie complete with a rhinestone bow. Minnie comes in a Strawberry Beignet flavor, while Mickey comes in Whipped Pineapple Magic. (I wonder if that's because of the popular Dole whip at Disneyland? Clever, Lip Smackers...very clever.)
They're available right now on the Lip Smacker website and the timing couldn't be more perfect since we'll be reaching for chapstick even more in the coming months.
As far as lip balms go, the collector's items are a bit more on the pricey side, selling for $19.99. (They do come in a collector's edition box though if you want to keep them.)
If Mickey and Minnie aren't your cup of tea, Lip Smackers has more than enough Disney characters, both heroes and villains. There's Ariel, Elsa, Tinkerbell, and Winnie the Pooh as well. If Pixar is more your thing, they have a duo with Mike and Sulley. They even have a Maleficent, Cruella, & Ursula three-pack! They all come in singles or stackable packs – a huge upgrade from when we first loved Lip Smackers – so you can get one or as many as your Disney-loving heart desires.
If you're a lip balm purist, the classic Dr. Pepper and watermelon flavors are still available and ready to help you indulge in some middle school nostalgia. But we have to admit, these new Disney-themed lip balms are too adorable to pass up.
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