Jughead Is Going Full-On Mindhunter & We Are So Ready

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Riverdale is equal parts Twin Peaks and Beverly Hills: 90210, but they're adding another reference to the mix: Mindhunter, the new serial killer psychology drama on Netflix.
There's murder (and attempted murder) galore on the show: last season, Miss Grundy was killed, and Archie's dad survived a terrifying attack. It feels like the "Angel of Death" is coming for everyone, though we don't know the identity of the killer.
In a clip below, provided exclusively to TVLine, we see Jughead going full-on Holden Ford as he puts clues together. Jughead always struck us as just little off, and we're hoping this is not the sign of much more lurking things to come.
One thing that is definitely happening, though, is Toni Topaz. She's queer, she's in a gang, and she's tough as shit. She also might be interested in Jughead in more ways than just showing him around the south side. Toni saunters into the scene, remarking on Jughead's taste in serial killer non-fiction.
His phone begins to vibrate. It's Betty, his girlfriend, and Toni asks if he's going to pick up the phone. Jughead nervously says he'll call her back later, and Toni puts her arm on his shoulder. At that point, we see Jughead look at her admiringly. Or is that fear? We're not sure, that look on his face is not innocent.
Toni then continues talking about serial killers, bringing up Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos. He notes that they don't fit the profile of the Angel of Death. "That's right," Toni says, "unlike most serial killers, our guy wears a mask — well, a hood, when he kills." They attempt to psychologically deconstruct the unknown killer a bit more, but end up giggling with each other, like two teens who totally want to make out. We're keeping our eye on these two.
Check out TVLine's exclusive clip below. A new episode of Riverdale premieres tonight on the CW.

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