Glossier's First-Ever Fragrance Is Worth All The Hype

The Glossier empire hit a major growth spurt this year. Between entering the U.K. market, dropping its first cream blush, and adding a clear version to its famous Boy Brow collection — you might not think the brand had room for any more excitement. Then, word that a mysterious new perfume was on the way. And finally, after eight months of anticipating, Glossier You is finally here.
Described by the brand as "the ultimate personal fragrance" that is "meant to be enjoyed close, in the comfort of your personal space. It’s not necessarily for others. It doesn’t exactly wear or smell like a perfume." Rather than an overwhelming, heady fragrance, You is more of a “skin smell enhancer” with a creamy, salty, warm, clean scent. It’s a simple equation with relatively few notes, honed over 38 weeks by some of the best noses in the business (Weiss worked with the team behind Le Labo Santal 33). Each note was chosen and balanced to allow the fragrance to be both long-lasting and true to how it smells at the beginning, without changing as it dries down.
Nose Dora Baghriche explained: "That’s something we talked a lot about when I started work on Glossier You. We were working with ingredients that were meant to smell really close to skin... It was always linked to being human, which, to me, is very strong and very emotional. But also very simple. We started by exploring this woody, musky side of the spectrum."
The three base notes — Ambrette, Ambrox, and Musk — are mixed with subtle top notes of iris and pink pepper to create a warm, addicting blend. Just as Glossier's pared-back makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, You is here to do the same with your natural scent. Expect Glossier frenzy 2.0.
Glossier You Eau de Parum, $60, available at Glossier.
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