Eleven & Mike’s Kiss Simply Had To Happen, Says Millie Bobby Brown

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on Stranger Things, knew how the fans wanted season two of the Netflix hit to end. When it looked like fan favorites Mike and Eleven weren't going to share a kiss at the Snow Ball, Brown knew she had to say something.
When the co-creators of the series, Matt and Ross Duffer, said they had the shot, Brown knew something was missing. "I think Finn and I have to kiss. The fans are going to be so mad if we don't," the actress recounted in an interview with BUILD. Whether the Duffer brothers chose to use it in the final cut was up to them, but Brown believed it had to at least be an option.
After briefly conferring with each other, Matt and Ross Duffer agreed to do another take, but not before announcing it to the crew. "He just shouts it, 'Okay, Millie and Finn are going to kiss!'" Brown shared. "And all the 250 extras my age, girls, boys, start clapping."
It gets even cuter, if you can believe it: While Brown and her co-star Finn Wolfhard may have already shared an on-screen kiss in the first season of Stranger Things, that doesn't mean it still wasn't a bit awkward for the young actors. The actress then shared a little known, behind-the-scenes moment that happened while filming the scene. Wolfhard gave her a heads up before he went in for the kiss. "So we're standing there and we're dancing and Finn is like a ventriloquist. He was like, 'I'm coming in,'" Brown shared, adding that she found the warning helpful, because filming the scene not only required the two cast members to kiss, but it had to be timed perfectly with the movement of the cameras. "All we care about is the camera getting the kiss so we don't have to do it again," she said.
Apprently, the Duffer brothers didn't know about the small but adorable moment until recently. They reviewed the footage and Brown suggested they keep the candid moment in the final cut.
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