Do Nancy & Steve Break Up In Stranger Things 2 Or What?

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Warning: light Stranger Things 2 spoilers ahead! Reading on may reveal plot points about the season.
By now, you must be coming up for air after binging on nearly seven hours of Stranger Things 2 and surely you’ve been left with a looming question: what the hell is up with the Steve-Nancy-Jonathan situationship?
At the end of season 1, fans were left wondering if Nancy and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) would surely rekindle the spark. At the end of season 1, we were left wondering if the two would get together when Nancy gave Jonathan that camera for Christmas, to replace the one Steve smashed. Shippers, they don't. When we join Nancy in season 2, she's still with Steve, but there is trouble in paradise. Nancy can't get over Barb's death and Steve's ability to pretend everything is fine is throwing her. It appears that she might swing into Jonathan's arms when she starts asking him for relationship advice.
In an interview with TV Guide, Natalia Dyer who plays Nancy and Joe Keery who plays Steve, shared their thoughts on possibly the most annoyingly complicated love triangle to hit Netflix ever. After the ambiguous ending in season 2 for this trio, the main question is: did Nancy and Steve break up? The answer is, unfortunately, not a satisfying yes or no.
"I think it's ambiguous for a reason," Dyer told TV Guide. "I think that's kind of the way the Duffers like to do it, and I appreciate that. Nancy loves and cares about Steve, and they obviously have a special relationship together, but I think what's happened in season 1 has kind of forced everybody to cope with things and deal with things and grow in certain ways, maybe apart and maybe together. I think she's also shared a kind of kindred spirit with Jonathan from season 1." Basically, this teenage love triangle will remain parked in a gray area for the foreseeable future.
In season 2, fans saw the chemistry between Nancy and Jonathan when they finally hooked up. Now, after finishing our binge on the second series, we're still in the dark. Though you have to ask why should Nancy settle? She's a teenager and if ever there as an acceptable time to be transitory about relationships now would be it.
Not to mention there are more important matters at hand, like Barb getting the justice she deserves. Keery also chimed in about their on-screen romance, saying that despite having some unresolved feelings for Nancy, he didn't think Steve was right for her. The wrong guy is, let's face it, is exactly the guy most girls date in high school.
That certainly leaves the door open for the love triangle to continue in season 3.

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