The Best Nail Polish Shades To Match Your Cold, Dark Soul

The witching hour is almost upon us — and by that we mean the weeks immediately post-Halloween where early fall suddenly gives way to the cold days and long, dark nights of winter. (If the temperature ever drops below 60 this year, that is.)
Breaking up with your warm-weather beauty habits is hard to do, but opting for dark, gothy nail colors doesn’t need to feel like your first trip to Hot Topic all over again. In fact, if your end-of-year M.O. involves Netflix and not much else, replacing your sheer pastel polishes with ghoulish tones of midnight blue and emerald green might just be the chicest thing you’ll do all season.
Ahead, the dark nail polishes (both new and classic) we’ll have on rotation until the sun comes out again. Relax — this transition won’t hurt a bit... unlike the cavities you're sure to develop within the next week.