There Are Some Pretty Insane Deals On The iPhone X

Update: November 1, 2017: The best way to get your hands on an iPhone X this Friday, November 3, is to line up extra early at an Apple Store. However, if you don't have an Apple Store nearby or want to try your chances elsewhere, there's an easy way to find additional locations: Go here and tap "Sales." Enter your Zip Code and select "iPhone" from the dropdown product menu.
The results will pull up authorized retailers in addition to Apple Store locations. It's still a smart idea to call ahead to make sure the retailer you're interested in is planning on having iPhone X in stock on Friday.
This piece was originally published on October 24, 2017.
If the cost of iPhone X has caused you to contemplate selling a kidney or question your life choices over the past year, you're not the only one facing a moment of harsh reckoning. Buzz about Apple's $999 "future of smartphones" device is amping up ahead of this Friday, when pre-orders for iPhone X will finally begin at 3 a.m. (The phones will hit Apple stores on November 3, though you'll want to act early since rumors suggest limited supply.)
iPhone X is Apple's priciest smartphone yet, but don't let your dreams of making the poop emoji talk die just yet: Carriers have revealed trade-in deals and payment plans that make iPhone X's price tag far easier to stomach.
For the most part, you'll need to trade in a recent iPhone (6 or 7 models), Samsung, Moto, LG or Google Pixel phone to qualify for the best deals. It's also worth reading the fine print about how you'll be paid out through the agreement.
If you're trading in your current iPhone, you can get up to $300 off iPhone X at T-Mobile. According to The Verge, the portion of that $300 you'll get upfront depends on the current value of your iPhone. The remainder of that amount will be applied as a monthly discount to one of two payment plans: The 24-month Equipment Installment Plan, and 18-month Jump! On Demand Plan. You'll need to be an existing T-Mobile customer to opt in to the latter plan, which is a lease agreement (T-Mobile still owns the phone).
With the Equipment Installment Plan, the 64 GB iPhone X requires $279.99 down, with $30 payments per month. The 256 GB iPhone X also has $30 monthly payments, but a larger down payment of $429.99.
If you choose Jump! On Demand, you'll get a 64 GB iPhone X for $0 down and $41.56 per month, or a 256 GB phone for $429.99 down and $24 per month.
You can also get up to $300 off when you trade in your current iPhone at Verizon, but you'll need to be on one of the carrier's unlimited plans. Unlike T-Mobile, you won't any money upfront: The entirety of the credit will be paid out over a 24-month plan. So, you should probably bank on sticking with the phone and not upgrading to whatever new model Apple has in store come September 2018.
The 64 GB iPhone X costs $41.66 per month for 24 months; the 256 GB iPhone X is slightly more expensive at $47.91 for 24 months — both with $0 down. There is also a one-time $30 activation fee to consider.
Sprint is offering what is considered the best deal of the payment options that have been announced. For a limited time, you'll be able to save $350 on iPhone X through the carrier's lease plan, Sprint Flex Lease.
When you trade in a qualifying phone, you'll pay only $22.22 per month for 18 months for the 64 GB iPhone X. Without an eligible trade-in, you'll pay $41.67 per month for 18 months with $0 down.
If you are planning on waiting it out and heading to Apple stores on iPhone X launch day, you'll probably want to plan on camping out the night before and taking the morning off of work: In a press release, Apple says customers are "encouraged to arrive early."

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