You Won't Believe What Surprisingly Tolerable Kids Movie Is Coming To Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of DreamWorks.
Alec Baldwin's big screen debut as an actual baby, The Boss Baby, is coming to Netflix this November! Finally, you can stream the animated film about a baby with the mind of an adult.
The Boss Baby arrived in theaters this spring to mixed reviews. It's a movie for kids, which isn't easy to pull off. But something about the premise was particularly meme-able.
In the movie, Alec Baldwin voices a baby that talks like an adult and wears a suit. He calls himself "The Boss." He's a baby who makes rules: When the parents (voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) start lavishing attention on a new puppy, the boss baby gathers the toddlers of the neighborhood to discuss the issue. (The Boss Baby's main mission is to ensure babies always receive a lot of attention.) Steve Buscemi voices the CEO of Puppy Co., a group determined to put Baby Corp. out of business, because in this universe, puppies and babies are at odds.
Something about babies, Alec Baldwin, and a ham-fisted premise made The Boss Baby an internet favorite. "Boss baby" is a popular Twitter name, and there are a few who think that Gordon Ramsay, another internet hero, looks a lot like him.
Plus, it's the 12th-highest grossing movie of the year so far, making about $175 million in the U.S. It debuted as the top movie of the weekend it was released. Here's a fun fact: Hans Zimmer, who's responsible for the Lion King and Gladiator soundtracks, wrote the score. And, it's pretty funny. The New York Times said it has "some hilarious moments" if you happen to be a grown-up. Rotten Tomatoes lamented that it was prone to "doody jokes," but gave it a 51% score anyway, which is better than The Emoji Movie.
The Boss Baby might not be a movie you'll tell people you watched, but you're certainly going to stream it some time in the near future.
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