People Are Obsessing About This Velvet Skull From Target & It's Selling Out Fast

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The confluence of the current obsession with everything velvet, a perennial obsession with everything Target, and the fact that there are only 11 days until Halloween has created a curious condition called "Target-velvet-skull mania." Those who suffer from the affliction are prone to posting photos of their fuzzy skeleton heads on Instagram, surrounded by ever-more-fantastical Halloween tablescapes. They accessorize their Target velvet skulls with flower crowns, and surround them with candles and chic studded pumpkins.
As a result of this enthusiasm for all things velvet skull, the item is currently sold out on, as PopSugar recently reported. But don't despair: You can still find it in select stores — but only if you act fast. You could also make do with a Target velvet pumpkin (they come in black, purple, and maroon). Or, you can find a similar one at Michaels, in black or maroon for just under $9.
Target has been knocking it out of the park with Halloween decor in general this year, and Instagrammers are taking note, hashtagging their spooky finds #targethalloween and #targetstyle. From the aforementioned punk-inspired pumpkin to eyeball test tubes, haunted candelabra, and all types of wreaths, the selection is pretty nuts. (Oh, and the actual costumes are pretty good, too.) Which means the decorating inspiration is endless.
The Instagrams below prove that velvet isn't just for boots and blazers (or couches and love seats) anymore. If Target-velvet-skull mania is wrong, we don't want to be right.

An accurate photo of me waiting for Halloween ? #comingsoon

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Prettier shot of my impulsive Target Halloween display. ^-^ #halloween #velvetskull #studdedpumpkins #damnyoutarget

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