People Are Getting Very Extra With Target Halloween Decor & We're Loving It

We have a month until Halloween, and the aisles of Target are, well, lit. There's affordable Halloween decor for every liking: from velour, grape-colored pumpkins that kind of remind us of old-school Juicy Couture sweatsuits to a colorful Día de Muertos assortment. Throw pillows, string lights, wreaths, lanterns, and, of course, costumes (shoutout to this girl in a milkshake getup dancing to Milkshake) — it's all there. And, dare we say, it's delightfully extra.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, we've spotted lots of shoppers being delightfully extra with their Target hauls and decor. Getting just a bit too excited, decorating super-early, buying more Halloween-themed mugs than anyone will ever need...we've all been there. The enthusiasm is all over Instagram — and we decided to share it with you.
Click through to see the pure joy, and extra-ness, people are experiencing while Halloween-shopping at Target.

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