Michael B. Jordan Steals The Show In The First Full Black Panther Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel.
After months of teasing fans with images from the set, the characters in costume, and a very, very muscular Michael B. Jordan, Marvel finally released the first full trailer for Black Panther, which is set to arrive in theaters in February 2018.
Marvel's usual go-to, jaw-dropping action standbys are included (Car flipping? Check. Hand-to-hand combat? Yep.), but the newest addition to the Marvel lineup adds a lot by way of skydiving and comic-book tech.
The Verge reports that the trailer offers up a closer look at the world of Wakanda, the fictional country where T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is the newly crowned king after the events in Captain America: Civil War. Because it's a Marvel movie, there are connections to be made between all the films, even though the world of Black Panther is thousands of miles away from New York and D.C., the usual haunts for the Avengers crew. Of course, with Captain America and the Winter Soldier currently shacked up in Wakanda, there leaves some room for choice cameos, though the trailer doesn't offer up any clues as to how Cap and Bucky will play (or more likely, not play) into the plot. Martin Freeman's Everett Ross is back, however, and makes an appearance or two in the trailer.
The trailer features plenty of fight sequences, including car-based fights, the classic two-guys-surrounded-by-fire fight, and lots of instances of the Black Panther costume materializing and de-materializing out of nowhere. The film's amazing cast all gets some face time, too, including Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia; Angela Bassett as Ramonda, T'Challa's mother; and Michael B. Jordan's Erik Killmonger. And with a name like that, it's clear who the baddie is in this flick. He even says, "The world is going to start over. I'm gonna burn it all."
Check it all out in its high-tech, laser-filled glory, below.
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