The Moon Wants You To Spend This Week Under A Blanket

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Do you ever glance up at the night sky to find that, well, there's nothing to see? The heavens are noticeably darker for roughly three days once every lunation (or month), during which time the moon becomes less bright until it reaches its "new" phase. During this period, the moon is appropriately referred to as the "dark moon." As we mentioned last week, the moon has been waning ever since reaching fullness on October 6. So, starting today, this month's dark moon has arrived.
The energy of these dimmer phases isn't as dynamic as that of the full moon (they aren't, for example, ideal times for major rituals or addressing hard truths). This is simply a quieter period in the moon's cycle. But, the days leading up to the new moon (and the new moon itself) will encourage you to recognize your potential — and consider how you might best serve yourself in the days to come.
The waning moon has long been associated with letting go of harmful or inhibitive presences in our lives. At first, the dark moon has a similarly purifying energy. It'll be in your interest to sit down and talk with that toxic friend or finally throw out whatever's been hiding in your junk drawer. But, that's not the only challenge the dark moon will present to us. As the moon diminishes to the point of invisibility, we'll be compelled to turn inward and seek rest. And that may prove to be harder than you expect.
Your sentimental side and your desire for change could emerge simultaneously as you try to quiet your thoughts: Do you yearn for an earlier time? Are you stuck in an unending project that, nevertheless, you feel like you cannot put on hold? Do you feel selfish taking time for yourself? No matter what questions or concerns bubble to the surface in the next few days, observe them, let them sit with you, but don't rush to address them right now. The new moon, a particularly reflective lunar phase, may provide you with the clarity you've been searching for.
There's a chance you'll feel like you're being pulled in opposing directions this week, but, rest assured, these dark nights can help us prepare to enter a meditative mindset. Relax, write in your journal, and generally take care of yourself. The dropping temperatures and longer nights may have already coaxed this behavior out of you, in which case: Keep it up, and know that the moon supports your autumnal nesting.
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