This Body Tool Looks Like A Car Wash Rag — But It's Actually Magic

I've been single for about — hmmm — my entire life, excluding all of the faux-lationships and the occasional Tinderoni. I'm not discounting those experiences at all. If anything, I learned a whole lot from 'em, including the fact that — while I enjoy my independence — having a S.O. around can be nice. If not for the companionship, then for the convenience: someone who can help me level a painting I want to hang or zip the back of my favorite jumpsuit. I can't remember the last time I've had someone help me wash my back, either. Yes, I've used those brushes on a stick before, but they're awkward to store, even stranger to use, and some even snap mid-scrub. Unless I'm wearing something slightly revealing, it's not like it matters if my back is soft and smooth, right? Wrong — and I have the solution.
It sucks that I'm solo dolo ATM, because frankly — I've got the best body skin of my life right now, with no trace of bacne. How? I have Luv Scrub, a mesh body exfoliator, to thank for it all. The product (founded by Caroline Owusu-Ansah, who I trust solely based on her gorgeous skin) looks chic and modern in its black and white-striped packaging. But according to Ansah, who is Ghanaian, the exfoliator has been used in West Africa for generations. It's something commonplace in little shops, and found in everyone's bathroom, including hers. In high school, her friends kept asking what the contraption in her shower was. Well, it looks like the joke's on them. Ansah says that the texture of the tightly-woven mesh acts as an exfoliant, so there's no need to load your caddy up with dozens of random product bottles.
When you ball Luv Scrub up, it's almost like a loofah on steroids. There's no scientific way to explain it, but it feels like liquid body washes hold better and act faster when used with Luv Scrub, compared to my loofah or boring ol' washcloth. Then, when you open up the cloth, it's long enough to grab by both ends so that you can really get to work on your back, booty, elbows, ankles, and anywhere else that you see fit. Oh, and bonus: Luv Scrub can be used for up to 18 months, unlike the loofahs I'm forced to replace every two seconds.

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Luv Scrub has received lots of praise during the summer months, and rightfully so. However, I know that I'll be getting much more mileage out of it as the weather gets colder and as my skin gets drier. It can get pretty brutal in New York, so I find myself doubling down on hot, steamy showers and rich creams that work well in the moment — say it with me now: ahhhhhh — but end up making me even ashier by day's end. Thankfully, I've got a bright blue secret weapon hanging in my shower that will buff away those flakes and dead skin wherever I see fit. No boo needed... but whenever he decides to show up, I'll be ready with my melanin poppin'.
Luv Scrub Mesh Body Exfoliator, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.
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