The Future? Bendable iPhones

Photographed by Kate Anglestein.
Apple iPhone 8s are already in some users' hands and there's a bevy of other fans waiting for the release of the iPhone X. But even though that model hasn't hit the market yet, rumors are already coming out about Apple's next move, and it's big.
According to CNET, the tech giant is teaming with LG to create foldable screens for an upcoming iPhone release. That would make for a smartphone/tablet hybrid that doesn't sacrifice screen size, since phones keep getting bigger and pockets aren't keeping up.
For the iPhone X, Apple worked with Samsung Display, a subdivision of Samsung that only handles screens. Being that the company is the world's preeminent OLED producer, the move made sense for the X model, which featured the first major design shift for Apple's smartphones in years. The X puts all the focus on the display, having eschewed the home button and integrating Face ID instead of Touch ID. CNET notes that the move to LG means that Apple would be moving away from working with one of its rivals and perhaps make the supply chain more streamlined.
CNET adds that Samsung has actually been experimenting with folding displays since 2013 and plans to release a smartphone with a flexible screen this year. Those rumors could be why Apple is moving away from the company. Plus, LG has also been working on folding screens, though they are smaller than Samsung's. That could put Apple at a 2020 release date for the bendy phones, though nothing is set.
Another concern that CNET cited was security. Even though Samsung Display is technically separate from Samsung Electronics, which is the division that creates Galaxy smartphones, there's less of a chance for accidental crossover or corporate espionage if Apple isn't working with a rival. Either way, Apple's integration of flexible screens is still pretty far off. In the meantime, preorders for iPhone X open up on October 27. Though that phone's definitely not flexible, it is the latest and greatest in smartphone design.
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