Ryan Gosling's Uncontrollable Giggles Are Only The Second Best Part Of This Hilarious Interview

Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Images/Getty Images.
Ahead of their new film Blade Runner 2049, which will be released nationwide tomorrow, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford made an appearance on iTV's This Morning, where they were interviewed — well, sort of — by Alison Hammond. From the very beginning of the sit-down with Hammond, Gosling, who is known for giggling at inappropriate times — he broke in nearly every sketch while hosting SNL this past weekend — couldn't keep it together, and still, that wasn't the most amazing part of this interview.
While we're happy to spend hours staring at Ryan Gosling's face as he's trying to suppress giggles, the standout part of this interview with Hammond, who is always a wildcard, was seeing Harrison Ford busting a gut over and over. Take a second and think, have you ever seen Harrison Ford, the actor known for playing stoic heroes like Han Solo and Indiana Jones, even chuckle? Well, during his time on This Morning, he could not stop laughing.
The first thing that sets Harrison Ford off was a joke Alison Hammond drops during the very first question she asks. She starts, "bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest with you," and her interviewees are led to believe she's talking about the new movie, which is indeed a somewhat disturbing dystopian story. However, she continues with a completely straight face, "that's just my interviewing techniques." After having a good laugh, Ford begins to riff off the host's jokes, and from there, the laughter does not stop.
One of the most hilarious moments during it all is when Hammond openly pokes fun at Ryan Gosling. She asks, in total seriousness, "Did you have much fun on the set?" to which he responds, "Yeah it was great, great fun." The interviewer then follows up by asking, "Did you get your knitting needles out 'cause I know you like to relax through knitting." This, of course, is a playful jab inspired by that time Gosling described his perfect day to GQ Australia as one spent knitting on set. Through it all, both actors take the jokes and mocking in stride and the although, we're left not really knowing any more details about their upcoming film, it's one of the best interviews we've seen.

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