According To Siri, The National Anthem Of Bulgaria Is "Despacito"

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Anyone looking to Siri for real-life information may want to reconsider their sources.
According to CNET, Apple's virtual assistant is a little confused when it comes to Bulgaria and its national anthem. A redditor unearthed the fun fact that when asked about the tune, the answer isn't exactly accurate. Siri says that the national anthem is "Despacito."
Wandreylust posted the find to Reddit, but it quickly made its way to Facebook and other social media platforms. And it's not just a one-time mistake. Anyone with access to Siri can pull up the gaffe. Just ask Siri, "What is the national anthem of Bulgaria?" and the answer "The national anthem of Bulgaria is Despacito" pops up.
Google doesn't seem to have the same issue. Typing the same question into everyone's favorite search bar yields the correct answer, "Mila Rondino" or "Dear Motherland." The songs couldn't be further apart, either. The actual national anthem is actually a sweeping, dramatic opera song, not a tropical reggaeton track with pop influences.
Apple hasn't responded to requests from CNET or Mashable, but both sites combed the internet for clues. Checking the Wikipedia entry for "Despacito" doesn't offer up any clues or wayward edits and the page for Bulgaria itself doesn't mention the Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber earworm.
While it's not the official anthem of any country, "Despacito" did manage to become the most streamed song, ever, beating out another Bieber hit, "Sorry." Whether or not it was the song of the summer, it did manage to do what no other song had done this year: create a Siri-related conundrum for the ages. Maybe even AI can't resist a sweet beat?
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