20 YouTubers Who Actually Became Famous

Photo: Will Ireland/Future/REX/Shutterstock.
Ten years ago, YouTube was just a fun place to watch cat videos. Sure, there were also a ton of makeup tutorials, funny challenges, and music covers, but no one knew it would turn into what it is today. In fact, now that it's 2017, more people than you think got their start on the platform, and went on to be totally famous on their own.
This all happened before YouTube was considered an actual career. Now, there are people who make money just by posting videos every day and working with brands, and some of them are on this list! But thanks to YouTube's ever-growing success, these creators have surpassed the platform and gone on to be celebrities outside of the platform with book, TV, music and product deals.
Perhaps the most common (and surprising!) example of this is Justin Bieber. While you may know the "Love Yourself" singer as the heartthrob, stadium-filling, Selena Gomez ex, it's his 14-year-old self who's responsible for rocketing him to stardom. Bieber, along with many other singers, sat in front of his webcam and posted covers of songs, and just happened to be discovered.
However, it's not just music. There are comedians and actors who first started uploading to YouTube for fun, as well as make up gurus who went on to have their own range of products. So the next time you think about sitting down with your camera, just know it could be your first step towards become a worldwide, unforgettable phenomenon.
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