This Stranger Things-Inspired Bath Bomb Is A Little… Strange

Bath bombs have been getting a lot more creative these days. From the Chucky-inspired orbs (that are a little too realistic-looking for a relaxing soak, in our opinion) to every kind of spooky iteration you can find on Etsy, it seems that everyone is getting into the spirit of the season with their bath products.
On that front, there's good news for all the Stranger Things fans — especially those with a personal connection to Eleven — because the series has inspired its own bath bomb. Not surprisingly, it comes from Loquita Bath and Body, the brand behind the Chucky orb. At first glance, the Upside Down Waffle bath bomb bears resemblance to a very burnt Eggo — but look a little closer and you'll notice the cheeky nod to Stranger Things, which premieres its third season on Netflix later this month.
Loquita formulated these bath bombs to look identical to your average Eggo waffle, but the indents are upward-facing as opposed to the regular sunken-in squares (making the shape look more like a spherical Lego than an authentic waffle) — although only a true Stranger Things enthusiast would probably notice. Plus, besides its shape, the orb is scented like a waffle, but no word yet if that includes syrup.
The brand also posted a video to Instagram of the waffle bath bomb in action. Turning the water into a pool of dark, neon-tinted swirls — we can't look away.
So, in case you were planning on binge-watching the first two seasons before the season three premiere, a soak in a Stranger Things bath will definitely help set the mood. That, or leave you with a lingering breakfast food craving.
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