Justin Bobby Says Audrina Partridge Has "Been In Touch" Since Filing For Divorce

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Audrina Patridge's 10-month marriage to motorcycle and BMX rider Corey Bohan has reportedly come to an end earlier this month. In light of what she's going through, it appears she's relying on someone from her past for support.
Apparently, according to her former co-star from The Hills, Justin Bobby, the two have remained friends, especially after her divorce. "I'm literally chatting with Audrina right now. We're talking because I made a comment about her, you know, what was happening with her divorce," Bobby said during an interview on the Reality Life With Casey podcast. "She had reached out to me and kind of thanked me for just being nice and a friend about the whole thing."
Sources also told Entertainment Tonight that Patridge has been having a difficult time breaking ties off from her former husband and continues to lean on friends and family. The reality TV star was reportedly granted a restraining order from Bohan due to alleged domestic violence issues. They share a 1-year-old daughter named Kirra, in which People reports Bohan has only been allowed monitored visitation rights with from a California judge.
Bobby went on to comment even further how good his friendship is with Patridge saying, "Me and her out of everybody [on The Hills], like, had the coolest bond, I feel. I mean, guy-girl bond."
Though Patridge has yet to comment on her divorce or reaching out to Bobby, we're here for any and all support she's getting through this time. Patridge mentioned Bohan was actually on the show once. "Lauren and I were living in the apartment together and we were having a Halloween party and I invited Corey," she told ET. At the time, Justin and I had broken up and Corey was single, so I was like, 'Oh I'm going to invite Corey and his Australian friends to our party.'"
We wonder if he and Bobby ever met?
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