Sasha Pieterse Just Dropped Some Major Hints For The PLL Spin-Off

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Only a day after the official announcement came about the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, star Sasha Pieterse is spilling.
Fans of the show know that the liars can keep a secret, but E! News reports that Pieterse was being uncharacteristically open about the new series. Backstage at Dancing With the Stars, Pieterse let everyone in on her excitement and offered up a few clues to the show's premise, too.
"I'm so excited that I get to talk about it now. Janel's going to be in it with me. And [I.] Marlene [King,] our creator/producer for PLL is also the creator of this show, The Perfectionists," Pieterse told E!.
"It's a new journey. It's an awesome journey. And I can't wait to start."
While she didn't offer up anything specific in regards to plots or mysteries, Pieterse explained that fans of the OG PLL would find plenty to love. One major bomb, however, is that she's known about the new show for a year now. So while she's able to keep some secrets, it looks like the excitement of the ballroom made for some relatively loose lips.
"Sara Shepard, who wrote PLL, also wrote this book series. It has nothing to do with PLL, they're just kind of putting my character into it," she continued. "It's still a murder mystery and it's a really interesting plot line. I don't think I can say anything yet!"
And although Pieterse isn't calling The Perfectionists a PLL spin-off (maybe she was talking about the book specifically), the new show certainly is. Seeing as how Pieterse kept her insider information under wraps for a year, there's no telling what the other PLL alums may be hiding. After all, if a certain Ian Harding has his way, any reboot or spin-off would be a literal bloodbath.
"First episode, Shay Mitchell. Dead. That's gotta happen," he told TooFab. "We gotta like, up the ante. Like, so much nudity and violence, that's what's gotta happen."
Does he know something we don't? With King and Co., anything's possible.
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