Kelly Clarkson Didn't Want To Win American Idol For This Bizarre Reason

Kelly Clarkson very much didn't want to win American Idol, and it's all because of the 2003 masterpiece From Justin to Kelly. Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to lose because she found out the winner of the show would have to participate in the musical rom com.
"I was like, 'er!'" she said, mimicking the sound of screeching car tires. "I was like, 'Ain't no Meryl Streep here, y'all.'"
When asked for her thoughts on the movie, Clarkson, 35, said, "Now, then, future: Nope!" She added that her nanny loves the movie — but she's not allowed to show it to Clarkson's kids.
"Can I tell you something? I don't even remember [filming] it, because all I did was cry," she continued. "I obviously tried to put my best foot forward but just that's my best foot forward."
Clarkson has always been vocal about how much she hates From Justin To Kelly. The movie was critically panned (but it remains renowned in this writer's heart). In February of 2015, Clarkson said she begged to be released from the American Idol contract that bound her to the film.
"I cried for a solid hour on the phone with the creator of American Idol and pleaded to be let out of the contract that said I had to film From Justin to Kelly," she told Us Weekly.
Then, in an interview with TIME, Clarkson said she wished the movie would just go away.
"I just want it to go away. I want to own all of it. I just want it to not be here," she explained when the interviewer pointed out that it had become a cult classic.
Alas, it's officially cemented in the pop culture canon, especially because they wore so many bucket hats. Haven't you heard? Bucket hats are back!
Watch the full interview with Clarkson, below.
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