Kourtney Kardashian Is In Paris — But Will Kim Join Her?

It's been 10 years since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired on TV. This week, we examine how the world's most famous family has entertained us, angered us, and made an indisputable impact on our culture.
As the saying I've just invented goes, it's always Fashion Week somewhere. This time, it's Paris' turn, but one thing is notably different from last year's event: Kim Kardashian probably won't be in attendance. Following the reality star's 2016 robbery, which took place in the French city, it doesn't look like she's in any hurry to return — not even with her sister. Kourtney Kardashian has decided to return to the sartorial celebration after witnessing her sister's trauma, and is already posting pictures of her time in the city on her Instagram story.
Kim, on the other hand, unless she's planning a last-minute trip, seems happy hanging out at home. One of the most recent snaps on her Instagram story shows her hanging out with BFF and businesswoman Carla DiBello.
If she really doesn't plan on returning, it's difficult to blame her. The 36-year-old recently opened up about the anxiety she still experiences due to the incident.
"I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just with people knowing your every move," Kardashian told T Singapore editor Joie Goh. "My whole world is my kids, it's all I care about... from literally every last thing that they do to what they wear, to all their activities. I love being their mom. I definitely don't hang out with my friends as much, just because I have to be with my kids."
This is why you may have noticed that she no longer posts her every move on social media.
"It's funny — so much can go on at home, but if you don't post about it, people think it never happened," she continued. "So they'll say, 'She hasn't posted with her sisters, she must be in a huge fight.' But it's not what consumes me anymore, like how it used to... When you realize you can put a message out there and there's so many people listening, you look at life differently."
As always, the Kardashians are living their best lives, both on and off social media.

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