Will & Grace Cast Promises They They Do Not Use A Laugh Track

Photo: Chris Haston/NBC.
In case you were wondering (I wasn't), Will & Grace wants to be clear they do not use a laugh track. This is something the cast and writers brought up during a Tribeca TV Festival panel on Saturday ahead of the reboot's September 28 return, and clearly felt very strongly about, according to The Wrap.
"That’s a live audience," writer and executive producer Max Mutchnick said. "A lot of people are now writing about this, the 'canned laughter.'"
Apparently, contrary to popular belief, people actually laugh so much that it disrupts filming.
"We try to pull back the laughs as much as we can. They’re very hot, and they invade [the cast’s] mics,” he continued. "We can’t control the laughter that bleeds onto the microphone that’s covering the talent when they’re acting."
Megan Mullally, who plays Karen Walker on both the original and upcoming revived show, corroborated this.
"We’ve never used fake laughs, because we’ve never had to," she said. "There’s so many laughs… they often have to cut several minutes of dialogue out of the show because of the length of the laughs."
However, that wasn't the only thing they talked about at the festival. According to Vulture, they also touched on what differences we should expect in the revival, including how they've changed with their characters.
"Certainly, I feel Grace in my body differently because I’m 11 years older," Debra Messing explained of her titular character. "Grace went through a divorce, I went through a divorce."
And now that it's 2017, things are going to be a lot more progressive.
"There’s lots of episodes where I dated, and not just dated, I made out with Taye Diggs," said Eric McCormack of the original series. "People are always like, Oh, Will never had any sex. Will had lots of sex off-camera. It’s a sitcom. I’m not going to take my dick out. But in episode two, I take my dick out. It’s a whole new world."
We can't wait to see it — with or without (but just to be clear, it's without!) a laugh track.

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