Snapchat's New Filters Can Turn A Rainy Day Into One Full Of Rainbows

For those days when you wish the sky was full of rainbows or stars instead of clouds, Snapchat has your back. Today, just ahead of its sixth birthday tomorrow, Snapchat is releasing a brand new kind of filter: Sky Filters.
These filters, which you'll be able to apply after taking a photo, allow you to transform the sky above or around you. You might see a sunset, stormy clouds, or the aforementioned rainbows and starry night. If you don't see one you like, just check again the following day — Snapchat will continue to rotate the sky filters that are available on a daily basis in the same way it switches up which Face Lenses are available.
Courtesy of Snapchat.
To use one of the new sky filters in your Snap, take your photo, making sure the sky is visible in your scene. When the sky is detected, the new filters will automatically be available in the filter carousel with others you're used to, including the time stamp, black and white filter, and location-specific Geofilters. Simply swipe from right to left on the screen to see how your different options look. Stick with the one you like and tap the arrow to select who to send your Snap to, per usual.
You'll only be able to use the new sky filters on still photos, not videos, for now.
These filters are undoubtedly part of Snapchat's continued push into augmented reality: World Lenses, which can be used in camera mode to see 3D animations in the world around you, launched last November. Earlier this month, Snapchat released a new iteration of this feature with Bitmoji, letting you place your Bitmoji around you, where they can attempt yoga poses and sip coffee.
The new sky filters are still filters, meaning that not all of them — especially not the rainbow — look especially convincing. So while they're fun to play with, don't expect to trick all your friends into really believing its gorgeous and sunny out as opposed to gray and freezing come winter.

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