What The Cast Of The Princess Bride Went On To Do

It's been thirty years since Inigo Montoya hunted down his father's killer, since Buttercup and Westley wouldn't let death be an obstacle for love, since Fezzik deemed the entire situation "inconceivable." Yep, it's been thirty years since The Princess Bride. For a movie as timeless as The Princess Bride, that number seems quite inconceivable, indeed.
In the ensuing time, the actors from the film have won Oscars, won Emmys, written books about their time on The Princess Bride, and even starred in Saw. Though The Princess Bride is but an entry on the actors' IMDB pages, the film has outsized significance in our hearts. From the way the actors speak of their time filming The Princess Bride, it was hugely significant for them, too.
Here's a look at what the cast of The Princess Bride has gone on to do in the last 30 years, and how fondly they remember that eight-week shoot in England from so many years ago.
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