Check Out This “Honest Trailer” For The Princess Bride

Look, lots of quotable things are terrible. Napoleon Dynamite, Monty Python, and Borat are all middling movies that have been quoted into oblivion and beyond. At this point, you don't have to have seen any of these movies to understand what happens in them. Certain levels of quotability just insert things into the cultural knowledge, to the point that even the first watching of them is kind of a re-watching. And they're often found lacking. (With the exception of Borat, which is still funny to quote at parties a single time per year.) The Princess Bride is emphatically not in that camp. The movie, miraculously, holds up under the weight of its iconography. Maybe because it's so self-aware, maybe because it's a kid's movie, or maybe because William Goldman was just that good, but the movie seems sort of fresh even on a rewatch. It's definitely beyond cheesy, but there's something about, "Have fun storming the castle!" that still strikes home. A recent episode of "Honest Trailers" captured that. Watch.

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