Cheer Along To The True Story Behind Battle Of The Sexes

On September 20, 1973, 50 million viewers tuned in to watch a male chauvinist go up against a much more qualified woman opponent. This scenario might sound familiar to those of us who were invested in the 2016 presidential election. Only unlike the election, you’ll be able to cheer while watching Battle of the Sexes.
The tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King was more than just two pros playing each other in a friendly rivalry. Instead, the match became a symbol of the women's liberation movement, and validated women's place in professional tennis. The match also coincided with fascinating points in both players’ lives. King was coming to terms with her sexuality, and Riggs was dealing with his identity as a has-been — and his more urgent debts to the mob.
On September 22, you can watch Emma Stone and Steve Carell as King and Riggs, respectively, in the film Battle of the Sexes. Don't expect a typical sports movie, though. As King herself said in the New York Post, "It’s not just a tennis film. The movie is about what the match was about: social change, what was going on, [and] where I wanted tennis to go."

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