Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Had A Friend Wedding On The Finale Of Life Of Kylie

You guys — we did it! We survived our (extremely brief) look into the glamorous and totally relatable life of Calabasas' elite, or as you may know it, Life of Kylie, starring makeup mogul and girl-next-door 20-year-old Kylie Jenner. It's been a pretty tame ride, but the finale of the limited reality series did bring a few shocking a friend marriage? Kylie sure knows how to make an exit.
In the finale, "Peru Pt. 2", Kylie is still in South America with her crew, including her best friend, Jordyn Woods, and her mother, Kris Jenner. They all go to visit a shaman where Kylie (clad in a cherry red Adidas track suit) learns that the man in her life (an unconfirmed, at the time, Travis Scott) is a pretty solid dude, leading Jordyn to have a long overdue revelation about her relationship with Kylie. At the encouragement of an all-knowing Kris, Jordyn and Kylie have a conversation later in the middle of an isolated road of Peru in an attempt to DTR (define the relationship). And you know what they did to do that? Only the most Kylie Thing Of All Time: they realized that needed to have a commitment ceremony to immortalize their unique friendship once and for all. With Kris as a witness, the two friends, wearing matching white alpaca outfits exchange vows (“I vow to love you through all of our adventures. And I vow to take you as my best friend” ). It was...beautiful. And not extra at all. Kris did once say that she wanted to see her youngest tie the knot on TV. A friend wedding for the ages.
So the final chapter in the Life of Kylie chapter has officially closed, and what have we learned about the famous youth? We've learned to face your fears (like butterflies), appreciate the little things in life (like cute farm animals), and that if you really love your best friend, you should have a commitment ceremony to prove that shit!
Thanks, Kylie, Jordyn, Kris, E!, and the rest of Kylie's squad — it's been... A Time!
Oh, and last of all: the best Kylie-ism of the night actually came from none other than a distressed Kris in the backseat of a four-wheel drive on a dirt road:
“God, where’s my Maybach when I need it?”
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