Kylie Jenner Is The Voice Gen Z, Life of Kylie Ep. 7 Recap

Much like Lena Dunham's narcissistic millennial character, Hannah Horvath, on HBO's Girls, Kylie Jenner is embarking on her own journey to become the voice of our generation. Or rather, the social media savvy, tech-obsessed Generation Z-ers. And on this week of Life of Kylie, she is truly showing the lengths at which she is willing to go to not only make her impact as Kylie Jenner: The Brand, but also as Kylie Jenner: The Young Millionaire With The Big Heart.
In episode 7 of Life of Kylie, we embark on a journey to Peru to witness the impact of Kylie's generous donation to Smile Train, in conjunction with her lip kit sales. Like last week's episode where Kylie takes a trip to London, she is surrounded by both friends (Jordyn) and family (Kris Jenner), but unlike the European trip, she was there to serve a larger cause. And serve her cause she does, according to one of the Smile Train reps who Kylie meets in a Peru hospital. According to him, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner has already helped over 1,300 children (and 34 just the day before, he says). That is pretty incredible. The Smile Train, along with Kylie, has a mission to help children born with the cleft lip palate birth condition by paying for their surgeries. Kylie got to witness one of the surgeries (in full glam, and later meets with the three month old in a black sports bra and leggings because #OnBrand) and she and her mother were both brought to tears at the sight of the families watching their newborns go into the emergency rooms. “You are the perfect spokesperson for your generation because you are such an amazing role model," Kris tells Kylie afterwards. "You have the biggest heart." Kylie nods in solidarity, seemingly well aware of her status as Youth Representative.
Of course the whole episode isn't just Kylie helping children, or Kris fluffing up Kylie's ego (although, name me a more accurate representation of the Instagram can't), there's also a basic moral lesson embedded in there: don't take anything for granted. Kris and Kylie had been butting heads on the trip (Kylie felt misunderstood by her mom which is standard teen fare), and it comes to climax at dinner when Kylie Irish exits with Jordyn, telling the camera “I feel like sometimes my mom doesn’t know who I am.” Kris isn't upset with Kylie, and instead tries to place herself in her shoes, which is a difficult thing to do because who can imagine being Kylie freakin' Jenner? The voice of the generation!?! Answer: no one can imagine being Kylie Jenner. Sometimes, it seems, not even Kylie Jenner herself.
What did Kylie realize this week?
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy medical procedures to help others.
It's hard being young, spontaneous, and an entrepreneur.
That she loves her age: "I love my age."
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