Remember When Donald Trump Performed At The Emmys In Overalls & A Cowboy Hat?

Let me preface this with a heartfelt "I'm sorry," because I think I must have blacked out in 2006 when Donald Trump and Megan Mullally performed the Green Acres theme song at the Emmys, but now we have to watch it together. A clip from the performance is on YouTube, and it's from a simpler time, ten years before the presidential election, before we had any idea what was to come — and you certainly wouldn't have guessed it from this clip.
Ellen DeGeneres welcomes the performers to the stage, and out walks the current President of the United States in overalls and a straw hat.
In early 2016, Mullally spoke about the performance on Conan.
"So they had this dumb thing on the Emmys called 'Emmy Idol,'" she explained. "And they asked people to sing various TV theme songs. Ordinarily I'd be like, 'No.' But they said we want you to do the Green Acres theme song with Donald Trump as the character of Karen Walker from Will & Grace, and I was like, 'Yes.'"
Turns out, they ended up winning Emmy Idol, and Donald Trump even called her the next day to thank her for her help, and said they "really needed to win that."
"And I'm thinking, 'Okay, wait,'" she added. "'If he needed to win Emmy Idol that bad what must it be like now?'"
This interview was still in the throes of election season, and no one could have predicted where we'd be sitting in 2017 — least of all, I bet, Donald Trump and Megan Mullally as they performed the Green Acres theme song on live TV in 2006.
In another blast from the past, Mullally will be again reprising the Karen Walker character on the upcoming reboot of Will & Grace, which returns to NBC on September 28. Don't worry, Will and Grace (Debra Messing) are as in tune with each other as ever. It may have been 11 years since they (and the rest of the crew) have been together, but while they're still playing games in the living room, Jack's now on Grindr.
Watch Mullally's Conan interview about the experience below!

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