The Will & Grace Reboot Will Be Very 2017

Photo: Chris Haston/NBC.
The latest preview from NBC's Will & Grace reboot proves that the show is going to be just as timely (and pointed) as ever. According to Entertainment Weekly, it seems that the cast is basically as we left it, only it's 2017 now and all the trappings that come along with that are present and accounted for.
While the show's producers are banking heavily on the allure of nostalgia, it seems that at least one character is set to be very current in at least one way. In the clip, viewers learn that Jack (Sean Hayes) has a Grindr account. It doesn't get more au courant than that. But it looks like everyone's favorite best friend has some qualms when it comes to the platform. Basically, it seems like perma-child Jack has finally grown up (if just a little).
"Grindr has gotten so skanky," Jack complains as he swipes. "I feel like I could get finger herpes just from scrolling."
It's not only the quality of guys, it's quantity, too (okay, so maybe he hasn't gotten any more mature). Turns out, even though he's got plenty of guys to swipe through, the only gay man in his vicinity happens to be Will (Eric McCormack). Cue the disappointment for Jack and the laughs for the audience.
The new clip also shows something that fans will remember fondly: games in the living room. Will and Grace (Debra Messing) show that they're still as in tune with each other as ever. It may have been 11 years since they (and the rest of the crew) have been together, but their Heads Up game is strong and ripe for laughs.
Check out the clip, below. Will & Grace returns on September 28.
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